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All requests, layouts, and media need to be finalized and delivered to A/V department 48 hours before event. Testing of Media received after this 48 hour period is not guaranteed and you run the risk of not having time to make corrections. No further changes can be made once the event has started.
All Events in this room will need at least 1 technician assigned.

View all of our venue layout options in the US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center.

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  • Hydraulic stage that rises to variable heights
  • Banquet services on-site, including designated banquet kitchen
  • Combine with other Museum venues for a diverse experience for up to 3,000 people
  • Conveniently located just blocks from the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
  • Close proximity to major hotels and the French Quarter


Banquet Style — 650 guests

Reception Style — 1,000 guests

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Audio Visual Capabilities


Board: Yamaha LS9—Up to 4 wireless handheld channels and 12 wired mics. Total 16 channels of audio.
Speakers: Self-powered (in alternate use mode):

  • 2 Main — Meyer - Cal 64
  • 2 Front Fills — Meyer - UP Junior
  • 2 Subs — Meyer - 600HP
  • 2 Monitors — Meyer - USM 100P

No lavalieres will be used in this building with our equipment due to our PA configuration and type of room that this is. Outside production companies can feel free to attempt this, but I strongly recommend having a solid PLAN B.

  • 4 wireless handheld shure SM beta 58
  • Various wired mics


  • Gemini CDMP1400 1U Single CD/MP3/USB Player
  • OPPO BDP-105 Blu Ray Disk Player—supports all formats

Audio Options:
This sound system can support in-house shows as large as The Victory 6 and Victory Belles combined. Anything more may need a larger stage and outside production company.

  • Option 1: Small 2-channel mixer with 2 wireless mics and Mp3 player or computer (Mp3 player needs to be provided) or we can use house music from separate Museum sound system. This is what we would use for small presentations. Anything more would require the full setup so please keep this option in mind when booking event.
  • Option 2: Up to 4 wireless handheld mics and up to 12 additional channels for other audio.
  • Option 3: Self-contained bands should provide their own audio system.

Audio Recording: Yes. Single Track MP3

Video and Presentations
1920x1080p “Widescreen.” 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Any video related needs will require an additional dedicated technician to operate. The sound engineer cannot switch between duties. All requests, layouts, and media need to be finalized and delivered to A/V department 48 hours before event. Testing of Media received after this 48 hour period is not guaranteed and you run the risk of not having time to make corrections. No further changes can happen once the event has started.

Acceptable computer file formats: JPEG, PNG (for logos); MP4; H.264 (for video)
Resolution for all media set to 1920x1080p “Widescreen”
PowerPoint will need to be in a 16:9 aspect ratio or the image will not fill the screens
Any video that's part of a presentation should be embedded into the PPT as an MP4, H.264 file. Make sure that when you send the PPT you also send the video.
Any looping PowerPoints will need the loop engaged with your designated time between slide movement set "for all slides"
Please send media via dropbox at bret.bohnet@nationalww2museum.org

  • Standard DVDs and BluRay videos can be shown
  • 2 video walls behind stage—18.33 ft diagonal
  • 1 video wall left side of room—30.66 ft diagonal

Video Wall Options:

  • We have SDI input locations behind the stage, on either side of the stage, and at the Front of House mix position with a Total of 6 live SDI inputs. These can be used for a live camera, laptop, or switcher. If an SDI switcher is needed, the client must provide the equipment and the operator.
  • We have 3 video walls and can have up to 3 separate pieces of media on any screen or combination of screens.
  • If a video is part of a presentation, it will need to be embedded into that 16:9 aspect presentation beforehand.
  • Video camera will need to have SDI outputs and client should provide their own SDI cable. The recommend length should be at least 12 ft long, depending on the location in regard to the input location.

A general stage wash can be done on stage and we have several settings available for dimming house lighting.

We have 120v outlets in various places throughout the main floor. However, all needs have to be discussed beforehand, as we have setup issues (catering) that need to be addressed.

Outside production companies:
If there are greater needs for power, we will need to contact someone at Frischhertz Electric Co. to line up a licensed electrician for this event at extra cost. Please indicate your needs.

Stage 20ft 1/4in X 15ft 1/4in
Rises to 30ft with stairs

Internet connectivity is available through Museum WiFi

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Venue Schematics (click on thumbnail to view larger image):

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Additional Information:

U.S. Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center Entertainment Menu Request Information dividing bar



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